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Power Platform Customization

Power Platform consist of three of MS powerful products Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automates which help peoples during the data age to easily process, Analyze and Visualize data. These products can be used effectively with other MS products as well as with other third parties products. Transition Tech as a proud MS Gold partner and due to the extensive experience using MS products has a fascinating ideas and capabilities using power platform products to serve clients needs within the platform evolving capabilities related to data analysis, app creation or business automation. 

Why Power BI?

  • Power BI has powerful features and algorithms.
  • Ability to analyze and process a huge amount of data comparing to other tools.
  • Analyze data using the built-in machine learning capability which help users not to only take decisions regarding current status, but they can also predict future status and decide accordingly.
  • Powerful data visualization templates in addition to powerful customization capabilities.
  • KPI’s alerts availability.
  • High Data Security.

Why Power Apps?

  • Responsive UI , can be used through browsers or mobiles.
  • Create a high quality and user friendly Mobile apps with the minimum coding efforts.
  • Multiple data sources connections.
  • Easy data entry and editing features.
  • Responsive custom forms creation capabilities.
  • Ability to integrate with other MS products.

Why Power Automate?

  • Save time through automating day to day repetitive tasks.
  • Organize daily operations effectively through using Templates and Alerts.
  • Easy processes automations.
  • No need for API’s.
  • Easy to access data and can connect multiple data sources.