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EPM/ PPM Customization

As proud Gold Project & Portfolio Management Microsoft partners, we implement Project & Portfolio (PPM)/Enterprise Project Management (EPM) systems with utmost efficiency and precision. More specifically, we conduct the following main activities:

  • Install the desired Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management products (PPM/EPM)
  • Automate the existing clients’ processes through workflows and entry forms;
  • Customize PPM/EPM solutions according to customers’ needs, including user-friendly designs, fields, enterprise project types, project sites, security rules, documents repository, calendar and KPIs;
  • Facilitate project tracking within a specified time, budget and resources; and
  • Save time and effort for project managers, system users, top management for project updates, monitoring and decision-making through customized Power BI dashboards.

Our subject matter experts have in-depth experience and the required technical skills to use the latest technology from Microsoft and apply world-class best practices in project management.

Value proposition:

  • Accessible anytime anywhere using Single Sign-On.
  • Transparency for all projects.
  • Efficient management of project resources.
  • Centralized project site.
  • Compilation of project processes (Corporate governance).
  • Development of dashboard and reports.