The Kuwaiti MOH EMRIS Project

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As part of the expanding objective that Transition Tech adopt in MENA, Transition Tech In partnership with a major Kuwaiti partner took a chance to initiate and start the electronic medical records information system for the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health (MOH).

Transition Tech and MOH went through several stakeholders engaged workshops to analyze MOH needs as part of requirements and stakeholder’s management, which gladly the output was a state of art computerized, designed and programmed system which deal with day-to-day operations that take a place within the hospitals and medical centers. The system can look after inpatients registration, outpatients discharging, records manipulation, database analysis, diseases entry and diagnoses as per World Health Organization “WHO” standards by compliance to the ICD11 coding schema, powerful analysis screens, statistical reporting, medical cases predictive analysis. It also maintains hospital and medical center information such as Area, region, wards, beds availability, doctors in charge and department administering. Due to the current pandemic or COVID-19 we armed MRTAS with additional module that will allow hospitals and medical centers to start recording, tracking, and analyzing COVID-19 statistics for the hospital itself and across the entire country.

This state of the art was combined with crystal clear reporting capability using Power BI technology which got combined with our top-notch expertise in this field.