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Research Management System

Academic institutions are increasingly turning to research management technology to gain a data-driven edge in this highly competitive industry. With the tremendous growth of higher education, universities are under pressure not only to attract students, professors and funds but also to boost the overall quality of their research. Technology can facilitate and centralize the collection, organization and overall management of the multiple data sources produced by research institutions.

Transition Tech has built from scratch its own module exclusively for the use of research branches in academic and educational institutions. Through customized solutions, interested faculty members may apply for a fund for their research projects by uploading their research proposals and scientific profiles. The related university or educational facility will then manage and follow up on research projects’ lifecycle from submission to the publication stage through an automated process that facilitates the interaction between the researcher, referee, deanship and research institutes. We further provide the relevant stakeholders the capacity to monitor progress through our intelligence dashboards.

Value preposition:

  • E-forms and paperless submission cycle.
  • Provision of secure referee system.
  • Track research project process.
  • Track research publication based on ISI.